White Golden Retriever

***At this time we are no longer breeding and have no future puppies available***


All of our dogs (that are old enough) are used in therapy programs with underprivileged kids in need. We certify them with Pet Partners (formally DELTA) and Therapy Animals of Utah. We believe that learning to love and work with animals is an essential part of developing life skills in children. For this reason, we spend a considerable amount of time and resources working with underprivileged kids and providing them the opportunity to form healthy relationships with our four-legged friends. This is the foundation for our breeding program and we hope, if nothing else, we can be a small part of providing growth and positive change for those in need.

Why English Golden Retrievers? One of the most admirable traits they possess is their calm disposition, compared to an American Golden Retriever. They tend to inherit all the personality benefits of the American Goldens, without the hyper-personality traits. Physically, English Retrievers tend to be a little smaller with blockier heads than their American counterparts. They also tend to have a lighter coat (while it may look white in color, it’s actually a light cream).

Therapy Dog

Our Dogs… Our dogs come from European countries.  Europe is still where most quality English Retrievers are bred as they are included in the standard in these countries.  Our dogs live inside our home with us, eat only high-quality foods, are active, and don’t go into kennels. They are highly trained and each works towards certifying for assisted therapy programs.

We feel strongly that dogs are most happy when they have a job. As therapy dogs for the nonprofit We Are Pals, our dogs often working with underprivileged children to help make their lives a little brighter. Many will also be trained as Service Dogs and then donated to individuals and families who need a Service Dog but cant otherwise afford one.


English creme Golden retrieverOur Breeding Philosophy…

Less is moreWe have spent several years researching and preparing to breed these wonderful dogs. We began slowly, researching and learning along the way. We feel that any other way would be disrespectful to the breed and our dogs.  We are “small” hobby breeders and don’t see that ever changing. We believe that many breeders have programs that are too large. While it is difficult to state how big is too big (it is important to take into account the resources of the breeder), we feel strongly that puppies need to have a lot of interaction and socialization during their early years (especially around the 3 week mark). Simply put, many breeding operations are too large to provide this essential care.  That is why we say that when it comes to breeding, less is more.


Picking a Dog… Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy dogs with warm and loving Cream golden retriverpersonalities for families to have as pets. While a good looking dog is important, your family should take into consideration all qualities and characteristics of a dog and breed before worrying about coat color and other physical characteristics.

Health… Breeders have a responsibility to do all in their power to breed healthy dogs. This means ALL breeders should only breed dogs that they feel meet acceptable health standards after being examined by certified specialists.  Ideally, this should be done by a certified organization such as OFA, CERF, PENN, etc. (if this act alone was followed, over-population and dog shelters would be a thing of the past).

Golden RetrieverInvest up front… If you read about our first dog Sage in our About Us section, you will know why we feel so adamant about this. Take your time and find a quality breeder. We recommend not buying cheap or on impulse. A quality dog may cost more up front, but you can save yourself a lot of expense and heartache down the road. If you can’t afford a quality dog now, it may not be a good time to invest in a dog.