Available Puppies!!!

Our 2014 Spring Puppies have arrived! Currently accepting reservations for adoption.

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Izzy had her puppies Sunday, March 16th and everyone is doing great. She had 3 girls and 3 boys.

Cream Golden Retrieverjack






Dame – Izzy                                                                   Sire – Jack

Click to see Izzy’s Pedigree                                     Click to see Jack’s pedigree 

english golden retireversenglish golden retriver puppies

Cream golden retrieverpuppy retrievers











Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the “Green Retrievers”

0151-200x300 Puppy Kisses!

GIRLS: Pink – Purple – Yellow            BOYS: Orange – Black – Green



Berkley surprised us a day early and on Saturday, March 22 had a healthy litter of 10 puppies. We ran out of solid colored ribbon, so with Berkley’s litter we will be calling them by the design on the ribbon. We hope it doesn’t get too confusing. In the end, they are all adorable!

utah retrieversjack






Dame – Berkley                                                                    Sire – Jack

Click here for Berkley’s pedigree                                      Click here for Jack’s pedigree

English Golden retriever puppies for saleCreme Golden Retriever

English Golden Retriever 2english Golden retriever pups











GIRLS:                                                                                         BOYS:

Pink Ruffles                                                                                  Star

Lime Ricky (purple and green)                                                   Chocolate (brown)

Purple Camo (purple and pink)                                                  Blue Dot

Purple Diamond                                                                          Blue/Green

Ocean Blue                                                                                 Bumble Bee (yellow and black)

golden retrivers Golden retrivers






UPDATE 4/7/14: Izzy’s pups (3 weeks old)


1pink3 english retrieversGirl – Pink 








utah dog breeding Girl - Yellow golden retrivers






Girl – Purple


buy golden retriever Izzy’s girls – Pink, Purple & Yellow


utah english retireverpuppyBoy – Green







                                                                 Boy – Black


utah doggodlen retriever

Boy – Orange








english retrieversIzzy’s boys – Orange, Black, Green


puppy love retriever litter utah dog breedingOrange, Black, Purple & Green








Click here to see a cute video of Izzy’s pups




UPDATE 4/14/14 – Pictures and video

Click to see video of Izzy’s litter eating and playing

puppys puppies






Some 3 week pictures of BERKLY’S puppies. Not everyone was cooperating so will get everyone soon!

english retriever  Berkley’s Litter 

puppiesGirl – Pink Ruffles

puppies Boy – Bumblebee & Girl Ocean Blue

retriever pups Boy – Blue Dot

 cream pups Boy – Bumblebee

puppies golden retrieversGirls – Ocean Blue – Pink Ruffles – Purple Diamond

golden retrievers Girl – Purple Ruffles